·    2019                       Artist in Residence July 25th - August 26th - Localize –

Festival für Stadt, Kultur und Kunst in Potsdam, Germany 

·   2019                       5-week residency at Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy

Academic program.

·       2017                       5-day Inter-academical program at ‘Ruhrtriennale’, Bochum, Germany.



·  24-25.08.2019 Group exhibition at Localize Festival für stadt, kultur & Kunst

Potsdam, Germany

·  03-07.07.2019 ‘Fourth wall’ - Group graduation exhibition, Oude Kraan 26

ArtEZ, Arnhem. Curated by Fleur Lamers

·  02.07.2019 Les Rencontres de la Photographie –

Work shown during opening. Arles, France.

·  04.05.2019 ‘Birthday-Expo’ – Curated show with Willem de Haan,

Xam van Kempen, Jakob van Klinken, Derk Müller,

Matthieu Reijnoudt and Aisi Rosa Schuur. Hilversum

·  Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 ‘Is this real?’ – Solo show, Nijmegen Linnaeusgebouw

·  20.12.2017 'A Mild Obsession' - Group exhibition at BOKA, Arnhem

·  19.05.2017 Wentelteefjes. #2 – Group exhibition, Brigant, Arnhem

·  15.12.2016 Wentelteefjes. #1 – Group exhibition, Brigant, Arnhem


·  Fresh Eyes #1 - GUP Emerging photography talent Europe, 2019

·  Metropolis M n.4 2019 - Graduates 2019

· Fourth wall - ArtEZ Finals exhibition catalogue 2019



Rizoom (Dutch)


· . 2019 . Graduation Base for Experiment, Art & Research at ArtEZ, Arnhem.

·       2015                       Started: Base for Experiment Art & Research (Fine Art), Hogeschool voor

de Kunsten ArtEZ, Arnhem. Graduation in 2019

-       Membership at Education and Examination Regulations committee

for Base for Experiment Art & Research Fine Art ArtEZ (2 years)

-       Internship, working with Sjoerd Knibbeler (Amsterdam based).


·       2015                       Pre-study course at ArtEZ, Arnhem – Completed, followed by admission

·       2013                       Orienting program at ArtEZ, Arnhem – Completed

·       2011 – 2015            Weekly art course at Globe, Hilversum. Supervision by Rixt Hilverda

·       2008 - 2014            VWO-NG, A. Roland Holst College, Hilversum. Diploma 2014

Curriculum Vitae

Koen Kievits

Koen Kievits was born on the 4th of May 1996 in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Living with his parents and his two sisters, he stayed there before he started studying fine arts in Arnhem at ArtEZ in 2015. Before that he worked at a cinema and followed multiple art courses outside of school, between which two pre-study courses at ArtEZ. Picking up a camera for the first time during his fine art studies, he started to explore the world of photography and film on his own accord, which led him to do many collaborations with other artists, as well as errands for multiple companies around Arnhem. During his studies he regularly went back to his hometown to work on art design and organisation for a local dance event called ‘Puur’ which lasted until 2018. He graduated his Fine Arts course in 2019.


            Kievits, Koen


Born in Hilversum, 04.05.1996

Lives and works in Arnhem